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A3 monochrome MFP boosts productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and environmental burden
A feature-rich array of office functions in a compact body.
bizhub 215/195 saves electricity and lets you freely share data scanned in colour via e-mail and USB memory. This small unit fits in anywhere and makes the perfect complement to existing colour MFPs. Boost office productivity and efficiency with environmentally friendly bizhub 215/195.
Save crisp, highly detailed documents in colour.Low-cost output in monochrome.
bizhub 215/195 is a monochrome MFP that minimises output costs while offering colour-scanning functionality. Use it to store documents as digital data and fully leverage its outstanding data control capability.
Select colour or monochrome output according to your needs.
When colour output is required, simply scan and temporarily save a document on bizhub 215/195,then print it using a colour printer in the network.
Share information faster than ever.Scan and share without a PC or server.
A wide range of functions let you move data rapidly: Scan to USB memory saves documents quickly on USB flash drives; Scan to FTP is great for sharing large volumes of data; Scan to PC allows you to send data directly to a shared folder on a client PC; and Scan to Email sends a document directly to e-mail addresses selected using the control panel.


Fast duplex scanning and duplex printing reduce waiting and save power.
Duplex scanning and printing increase scan and print speeds, vastly reducing workloads and costs.
• Maintain efficiency while saving power with warm-up times of 15 sec. or less.
• Eliminate waiting with copy times of 6.5 sec. or less.
Rationalise devices for a neater office and improved efficiency.


Reduce CO2 and TCO.Plant-based toner with low-temperature fixing.
Simitri HD toner with biomass contains small, uniform toner particles that fix at low temperatures, thus saving power. This reduces both environmental impact and TCO.


Eliminate waste to reduce costs.Designed for zero-waste as regards toner.
Other MFPs waste approximately 5 to 10% of toner from a new cartridge. bizhub 215/195’s advanced toner loop mechanism eliminates waste by collecting and reusing toner that is not transferred to paper. This lowers wastage to essentially zero, helping to save resources.


Significantly less environmental impact and power fees.TEC* reduced by approximately 80%.
Compared to bizhub 211/163, this new bizhub reduces TEC by approximately 80%, significantly easing environmental impact and reducing TCO. bizhub 215/195 is also Energy Star certified.
* TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) is a value based on a measurement method defined by the International ENERGY STAR program.


Comfortable, easy-to-view LCD monitor assures superb usability.
Duplex copying provides two-in-one efficiency.

Comfortable, easy-to-view LCD monitor assures superb usability.
Duplex copying provides two-in-one efficiency.


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