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Dematic Equipment

Dematic Equipments Limited (RC879169) started in the year 2001 and was incorporated in 2010.
We have been in existence for 19 years. We emanated with the sole aim of providing quality and premium photocopier and large-format machines.
We have partners in 11 European countries. Most of our consumables are from the USA.
We strive to make sure that all our customers get the best from us and nothing less than that.

We import brand new and fairly used photocopier machines, consumables and large format machines.
We have partners in USA and 11 European countries where we source our high quality machines and consumables. Be rest assured that you are getting the right machines when patronizing us.

Our delivery service is top-notch; very safe and fast. We render after-sales service which involves the maintenance and parts-replacement of the machines at a reduced cost. 


To become the largest dealer in printing equipments and consumables in Africa.


To be a world-class company that renders quality and premium printing equipments and consumables to both individuals and corporate bodies in Africa.


Competence and technical know-how
Morals and ethics
Respect for our clients
Partnership for Excellence


To always give our customers the best product and service and nothing less than that.

Our Team


John Adamson

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Head of Marketing
Dematic MD1

Matthew Amuluche


John Adamson

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Sales Manager


I was having mixed feelings in making purchasing decision of large format machines with respect to the one that will fit exactly for the purpose which it is needed. Dematic really helped me to give me an excellent machine. The machine has been operating for the past 8 years and counting! I thank them for keeping to their words.
Thomas udoka
I have been buying from Mr. Matthew since the past 11 years and I am yet to have issues from the photocopier machines, large-format machines and consumables. At a point, they even had to ask me for the specification that I want and I did. They had to do a special shipment for that particular machines as it was rarely available.
Oluwatobi Isaac
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