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What Are The Advantages of A Large Format Printer?

Despite Decades of hearing we are moving to become a “paperless society,” printing is nowhere close to becoming extinct. Trends indicate printing still plays a large role in attracting consumers, and that many still respond to direct mailing or branded print materials. This is with good reason—with the information overload people are presented with on a daily basis due to the high level of connectivity we enjoy, digital ads sometimes get lost in the virtual shuffle. When something becomes too prevalent, we tend to tune it out. A smart strategy is to use a combination of marketing channels to reach your customer base, including print.

What is a large format printer?

A large format printer is a machine that enables you to print materials between 12 and 100-plus inches, giving you a good range to create a variety of different promotional materials. These Printers are durable and more powerful than traditional office printers, so you don’t have to worry about pausing print jobs or discovering that your traditional machine fails to handle the job you create. Large format printers also are designed for high-production capacity and they function with rapidspeeds unmatched by other types of professional-grade printers. (To give you an idea, the average machine can print off about 15 posters an hour.) Precision is another strong attribute associated with modern large format printers.

Business benefits of investing in a large format printer

Many Businesses might shy away from the idea of investing in a large format printer because it’s a capital expense that they might think would be better off spent elsewhere. However, these printers quickly pay for themselves. Here are some of the top benefits associated with investing in one of these devices:

  • High-quality images.Large format printers are designed to show precise detail in an attractive format.
  • Affordability.Think of all the money coming from your operational budget that goes to outsource printing jobs. By bringing your large-scale printing in-house, you can seriously cut down on printing costs.
  • Convenience.Have a brilliant marketing idea just before heading out to an industry event but have no time to design and order your marketing materials? No problem.Simply create and print out your own in house in far less time.

Furthermore,much like other office machines, large format print jobs can be initiated by a mobile device, further heightening the convenience of having one in-house. Why Outsource these jobs when you can do it yourself and enjoy the business benefits associated with having a printer in your office or facility?

Uses for large format printing

Large format uses are very practical and their capabilities expand far beyond posters. Their Versatility is unmatched by any other printer. In addition to paper-based materials, some of these printers are designed to print on vinyl, wood, fabric,wallpaper, coated metal, ceramic, and foam, to name a few materials. Items you can make include but are not limited to:

  • Banners And signs
  • Business Directories
  • Floor Displays
  • Wallart
  • Vehicle Graphics/wrappings
  • Packaging
  • T-shirts

Think of the print-related items you can design and create with these devices to promote your business!Standard printers can only do so much, but add a large format printer to your assets and it can be a true game changer for your marketing department.However, you can even go beyond marketing. Many businesses find other important uses for these larger printers. For instance, architects and engineers use them to print out designs highlighting better detail. Hospitals and other facilities print out signage or directories. The possibilities are vast.

If you have not considered buying or leasing a large format printer, now is the time to give bringing one in-house some thought. Imagery is very powerful, as science suggests our brains are wired to even convert words to images, so it only makes sense that presenting direct images will evoke stronger memories.


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